Why SafetyNow?

Because learning, performance & safety were never meant to be hard, or separate.

Transform occupational health & safety, learning and performance management

Let’s face it: employees know when you value them, perform better because of it, and will stick around to help your business achieve new heights. Our customers choose SafetyNow to help them create a learning and performance culture that’s built on three things: Connection, Alignment and Growth.


Increasing employee engagement by keeping employees connected to their managers, making sure you are compliant with ALL regulations, and tailoring your management to the individual learner through increased transparency.


Growing performance and productivity. Keep employees aligned with their manager and the company safety goals, so they see the impact of their efforts. Make performance reviews and audits matter.


Focusing on compliance, upskilling and retention to keep employees excited about learning and contributing their best. Help them onboard quicker and focus on doing their jobs the RIGHT way – the SAFE way.

SafetyNow makes training easy! Join the 100,000+ satisfied customers! Find out how they are reducing accidents & incidents, retention rates, and costs by training better.

It’s easy to use. Like, really easy.

That’s right. Our users tell us it’s one of the best things about SafetyNow LMS—how radically easy it is to use.

A stunning user experience makes it simple and enjoyable to connect employees to what matters. Every day. Even when they’re remote.

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