SafetyNow ILT

Modern & Compliant Videos. Lose the Mullets: Videos That Engage For the Right Reasons. 

Streaming videos that work on any device, anywhere.

Are you still using safety videos on VHS or BETA? Maybe you upgraded to laserdisc? Even if you are streaming safety videos, the majority of videos on the market were produced over 20 years ago – and besides not being compliant, they just look old and aren’t effective. SafetyNow has modern videos with high production value. They’re compliant, and they deliver a strong safety message. Safety videos can be an extremely effective way of communicating a consistent and compliant safety message with minimal costs. With SafetyNow, you don’t have to have a theater in your workplace, you can stream our modern videos to employee smartphones and other devices.

In fact, SafetyNow members report a further 27% reduction in their accident & incident rates when they use safety videos in addition to their instructor-led safety training program to deliver an engaging, impactful, compliant, and consistent safety message.

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