Safety Training Video Buyer’s Guide

Why We Use Training Videos

In a world where workplace safety talks are inconsistent across multi-location companies – the safety training video is a breath of fresh air. It gives safety professionals the peace of mind in knowing that all employees are receiving consistent, compliant training that meets the standards of their organization.

Organizations that have multiple locations save thousands by using effective safety training videos, and online training, when having an instructor travel between locations isn’t an option. And when chosen correctly, the videos are quite effective at showing learners exactly what their safety training requires and what will go wrong if they don’t follow the procedures. Note that phrase, “When chosen correctly.” As useful as safety videos can be, they can also be a detriment when the wrong videos are chosen and used to train.

This Buyer’s Guide walks you through everything you need to know when looking at safety video providers to ensure you receive the best safety training resource for your investment. Specifically, you will:

  •  learn the pitfalls of memory that make safety training so difficult
  •  learn why safety videos are an effective training resource
  • understand which features to look for when examining safety training resource providers
  • be able to identify the key buying considerations associated with buying a safety training resource.

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