The Dirty Secret

Almost 70% of Traditional Safety Training is Lost After 24 Hours

BEAT THE FORGETTING CURVE – If your goal is to build a safety culture and maintain a zero-incident rate, making sure that your compliant safety message is retained and implemented is key. But over 90% of safety managers report that their employees are not engaged during safety training. Most are just showing up for the donuts.

What is SafetyNow Retention?

1. Engaging Training

Maximum retention starts with a training experience delivered in 20 min to accommodate human attention spans.

2. 2-Minute Refresher

Review key takeaways with a 2 min bite-sized lesson 24 hrs after initial training when learner retention drops the most.

3. Follow-Up Quizzes

Learners continue to recall training through mastery exercises on a regular cadence. Over time, safety sticks!

Nearly Complete Recall – Saves Lives!

With SafetyNow’s retention module (part of our online course packages), your safety message sticks and training recall is over 95% even after 30 days.

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