Remind Workers to Pay Attention Around Flammables

If your workplace includes the use or handling of flammable substances, workers need special training to recognize and avoid the hazards that go along with them.

Three main reasons to pay attention are that work areas contain flammable liquids like fuels, solvents and cleaning chemicals that can explode and burst into flames if something causes them to ignite, the things your workers do while working with or near flammable liquids can ignite fires and explosions and although you’ve taken steps to protect your workers—like installing ventilation and storing flammables in specially designed containers—workers also need to do their part by controlling “ignition sources.”

There are 8 things you can share with your workers to prevent explosions and fires when working with or near flammable liquids:

DO look at the label of the container to determine the kind of flammable liquid inside

DON’T store or use flammable liquids near an ignition source

DO make sure all storage drums are grounded to prevent static electricity when transferring flammable liquids from one container to another

DON’T smoke when using or near flammable liquids

DO place fire extinguishers near areas where flammable liquids are stored

DON’T fill containers of flammable liquid past 80% of the container’s capacity

DO transport flammable liquids in the back of a truck or trunk of a car rather than inside the vehicle

DON’T use flammable liquids unless you’ve been trained to do so properly