June is National Safety Month

Workplaces are becoming less safe! Workplace fatalities and injuries are up an average of 10% year over year across North America, and occupational injuries happen most often in the summer.

This June, in honor of National Safety Month, we’re showing you the ways you can help your employees stay safe this season.

For many people, summer brings carefree days of outdoor fun. But for workers, summer may also mean a higher risk of on-the-job injuries. And for employers, that means lost productivity and a seasonal spike in workers’ compensation claims. That’s definitely no one’s idea of fun.

Summer should be a time to revel in the sunshine, not a time to recuperate from an injury at work. According to the National Safety Council, total work-related injury costs were approximately $161.5 billion in 2017, and the best estimates put that figure north of $200 billion in 2020.

SafetyNow wants to help you beat these injury and cost statistics this summer, while you focus on rebuilding and restoring your business.

Download our Required Summer Safety Training Package and you’ll get:

  • 8 Safety Meeting Kits – everything you need to hold your next safety meeting on Summer Safety Hazards like Heat Stress and Stinging Insects
  • 3 Safety Fact Sheets – share with employees to keep summer safety hazards and what they MUST do to avoid them at the top of their minds
  • 1 Summer Safety Poster – highlighting the 6 most common summer workplace safety hazards
  • 14-Page Manager’s Report – everything safety and frontline managers need to know to keep employees safe this summer