How to Be A Better Supervisor

Teamwork and Culture Is Imperative

It can be tricky dealing with the various personality types, levels of experience, and differing backgrounds of meeting participants. You can’t always predict what their reaction will be, and you may not have advance knowledge of who will be in attendance, but you can still prepare. One way is by understanding the four general types of meeting participants you’re likely to encounter and how best to interact with them. You may also encounter entire groups that have these characteristics – the response is the same.


Nearly everyone has heard sayings such as ‘Many hands make light work’ or ‘None of us is as smart as all of us.’ These sayings refer to teamwork. Many people associate teamwork with sales teams or sports teams, but teamwork is also a vital element in keeping you and your co-workers safe and healthy on the job.


Have you met a ‘lone wolf’ in the workplace? This type of person sticks to himself, shuns contact with others and isn’t out to be friendly or popular with co-workers. The lone wolf doesn’t need or want anyone’s help. But from a safety standpoint, the lone wolf isn’t helping anyone, least of all himself.

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